Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

In September of 2003, the Prison Rape Elimination Act was signed into law. PREA is a federal mandate of “ZERO TOLERANCE” to sexual assault on a national forum. It is the first national law to be passed addressing sexual assault behind bars.

The Gregg County C.S.C.D.—SATF, D.E.A.R. Recovery Center, CCF has a zero tolerance toward all forms of sexual abuse and sexual harassment within Gregg County C.S.C.D.—SATF—D.E.A.R. Recovery Center, CCF and will prevent, detect, and respond to such activity. The D.E.A.R. Recovery Center will immediately respond to allegations, fully investigate reported alleged incidents, pursue disciplinary action based upon the outcome of the investigation and in accordance with the PREA standards, and refer for prosecution those who perpetrate prohibited conduct.

‎What is Sexual Abuse?

‎What is Sexual Harassment?

Reporting Sexual Assaults

Offenders: Residents in Gregg County C.S.C.D. SATF—D.E.A.R. Recovery Center, CCF are encouraged to immediately report allegations of sexual assault to correctional staff, or any program staff member. If the abuse/danger is imminent make your verbal report immediately to the first available staff member. Non-emergency written reports may be sent utilizing the “Locked Box” formal grievance procedures to report sexual misconduct.

Women’s Center of East Texas provides advocacy and support services. Contact 1-800-441-5555

Resident Rights

  • Right to be free from Sexual Abuse
  • Right to be free from Sexual Harassment
  • Right to be free from Retaliation for reporting Sexual Abuse
  • Right to be Educated and Informed regarding agency policies and procedures for responding to Sexual Abuse.

** Anonymous reporting is permitted through all methods of reporting.

How to report an allegation


PREA Audit Announcements

PREA Audit Report