What is FAYS?

The Family & Youth Success Program offers free, preventative short-term services for youth and their families.  In addition to assisting youth and their families in mastering new skills through skills-based training, our staff helps to improve attendance in school, to reduce the occurrence of running away, lessen family conflict, and cut delinquent behavior.  Our main goal is to keep families together by strengthening and stabilizing family unity.   FAYS also offers Universal Child Abuse Prevention information and workshops.

Who is eligible for FAYS?

The FAYS Program serves youth ages 0-17 who are at-risk or are:

• Running Away
• School Attendance Issues
• Experiencing Family Conflict
• Involved in Delinquent Behavior

Our FAYS Program services 13 counties:  Bowie, Camp, Cass, Franklin, Gregg, Harrison, Marion, Morris, Panola, Red River, Rusk, Titus and Upshur.

There is a FAYS Program in every county of the State of Texas. If your county is not listed, give us a call and we can help you find a FAYS Program in your area.

What does FAYS have to offer?

• Free in-home family counseling            • One-on-one youth counseling
• Around the clock crisis intervention       • Conflict Resolution
• Links to community resources                • Community education and outreach
• Professional, courteous staff who provide timely access to services through intake, assessment, and case follow-up

How do I access services?

Anyone can make a referral to the FAYS Program.  The process is easy.

• Toll Free: 1-866-782-7031

• Office:  903-753-9744

• Fax:  903-757-8294

• Mail:
The Family & Youth Success Program
P. O. Box 6800
Longview, TX 75608