Staff – Counseling/Psychiatry

Staff – Conseling/Psychiatry

James Harold, M.D.

James Harold, M.D. is a board certified Psychiatrist with Community Healthcore. He is the son of retired surgeon and Kilgore native, Cecil Harold, M.D. His medical education began at Houston’s High School for Health Professions. He’s a graduate of Austin College, and Texas Tech University School of Medicine. Residency training at the University of Maryland stressed the balanced use of psychotherapy with medication. Maryland specializes in Public Psychiatry, treating patients in state hospitals like Rusk, and community mental health centers such as Community Healthcore. Dr. Harold provides medication management to adult patients in Longview, Carthage and Henderson. “My patients have long term illnesses such as Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia and treatment resistant Major Depression. Anxiety and Substance Abuse disorders are often present, too.” Today, managed care limits psychiatrists to only prescribing medications. Most psychotherapy is provided by social workers and licensed professional counselors. Depression is treated mostly by family physicians. Today’s psychiatrists are specialists who treat patients using medication, and /or various psychotherapies. They are often part of a team of therapists, family members, other physicians, substance abuse counselors, and rehabilitation specialists. The emphasis is on full recovery in the areas of work, school, family, spirituality and community, and not just symptom relief. Harold believes the biggest battle facing mental health today is that of stigma. “Every family is touched by mental illness. Don’t deprive yourself or loved ones of treatment based on negative and often inaccurate information.” Harold lives with his wife and two sons.

Clinically Licensed Professional Support Staff

Dr. Gregory Montoya

Gregory R. Montoya, M.D.; Diplomat of the American Board Of Psychiatry and Neurology; Graduate of the School of Medicine University Of Texas in San Antonio, Texas; Completed Postgraduate Residency in Psychiatry at the Naval Regional Medical Center in Norfolk, Virginia; Consultant to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Federal Correctional Institution, Texarkana, Texas; Consultant to the Bowie County Correctional Facility in Texarkana, Texas; Psychiatrist for Community Healthcore Texarkana Child/Adolescent/Adult/TCOOMI/ACT TEAM/COPSD/Community Solutions Programs